HYC members Ellie and Josh say goodbye and ‘thank you’

Henley Youth Choirs hope to foster a life-long love of the joy of singing together. Recently, we’ve received heart-warming messages from young people that have been singing with HYC on what they feel they have got from the experience. Ellie said:
“I just wanted to say a MASSIVE thank you!! If Henley Youth Choir had not visited Gillotts, I would have never discovered my love for singing or had all of the wonderful opportunities that I have had with the HYC. I have really enjoyed my time with the choir and wish everyone all the best in the future!”
While Joshua wrote to say:
“Thank you for the amazing journey that was HYC. I have very fond memories here and I will never forget them, as I was there from the very beginning. Thank you all for being great teachers. I will really miss all of you. I have started to focus on my GCSE’s, so unfortunately I have had to leave to focus on piano. However, I will keep all the tricks I have for singing and will still practise every now and then. Thank you again for the experience.”
Everyone at HYC wishes Ellie and Josh all the best in their studies and future music-making.
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